Safety is our mission


When it comes to monitor burglary we have a variety of different sensors. Once tripped the monitoring station is right there for you.

They’ll contact the household through the built in 2 way voice, contact you and the right authority.


“Most burglars will skip a house with a security system installed, and will run away as soon as an alarm is going off if they did enter the house” KGW survey with 86 convicted burglars.

Fire and Gas

When it comes to house fires, it is vital that families be alerted at the right time, so they can take their loved ones to safety.


Our Honeywell smoke detectors are equipped to sense heavy smoke, as well as high and low temperatures, allowing us to let our customers know right away, if a fire is starting in their home.


Let us take care of giving you the fastest alert, as well as dispatch your nearest fire department.

Freeze or Flood

We’d like to help you ensure that your property is always in good conditions for you.

We all know that accidents might happen in every type of a building, and we want to put it to your attention before it can turn into a disaster.


In a lot of the cases when a house is flooded or frozen the homeowners need to spend their time, money, and effort to bring the house livable again. Risk of losing work time, deductibles, having the house molding, and going through an whole unwelcome renovation, not before Having the fun talking to insurance agents, estimators, and still not being able to retrieve it all. Sometime peace of mind has no price tag.

Medical Alert

Medical alert alarms allow senior citizens or those with medical problems to live on their own. A wireless waterproof pendant or a wireless waterproof wristband is provided with the system. Simply pushing the button on the wireless pendant or wristband will send a signal to our 24 hour monitoring station and help is immediately on the way.

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